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Neuro-Testing Pen

Neuro-Testing Pen Neuro-Testing Pen Neuro-Testing Pen
Product name : Neuro-Testing Pen
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The clinical application of neuropathy testing pen in assessing diabetic symptoms  About 30% of the diabetes patients with peripheral 
neuropathy, so it needs a reliable method used
for testing of complications. neuropathy testing pen can be used for precise assessing the sensation of peripheral neuropathy parts of patients, so that the doctor can implement effective treatment for diabetes and the patient of peripheral neuropathy according to the assess results.

1.      Appearance part: Barrel, cap, pocket clip;
2.      The part of testing touch sensation : buttons, monofilament, slot;
3.      The part of testing sharpness sensation: neurotip, neurotip pressure gauge, 40g marker;
The instruction of neuropathy testing pen
A.      Monofilament Test (Test of touch sensation)

1.      Fully extend the monofilament slowly by sliding the button to the end of neuropathy testing pen until it is firmed in the end of slot.
2.      Prepare the patient for test, hold the monofilament in position for 1-2 seconds before
removing, and the monofilament is calibrated to bend at 10g of force. Then observe and ask the patient feeling situation, If there is no touch sensation, it is verified the patient loss of sensation in this body position.
3.      After using about 100 times, the Monofilament or neuropathy testing pen would lose its
accuracy, and it should be replaced through directly contacting the manufacturer or distributor.
A.       Neurotip test (Assessing sharpness sensation)
1.      Take off the cap, make use alcohol wipe to clean the neurotip.
2.      Put the sterile neurotip on neuropathic parts of patients, press the neurotip until the
button of press gauge arrive 40g marker, then ask the patient whether they have sharpness pain, if they have no sensation, it is verified that they have lost sensation seriously in this body

The maintenance of neuropathy testing pen
1.      Before and after using neuropathy testing pen, the monofilament and neurotip should be
cleaned with alcohol wipe or antiseptic solution.
2.      After cleaning neuropathy testing pen, the monofilament should be adjusted back to the
original location